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    Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan State Bharat Scouts and Guides Jaipur Division

    Activities organized in session 2023-24

    All the activities of Bharat Scouts and Guides session 2023-24 organized by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan State Bharat Scouts and Guides Jaipur Division were completed on time. Which are as follows-

    • Group and individual registration was completed on time and sent to the headquarters.
    • Annual registration was completed on time and sent to the headquarters.
    • Applications of 53 scout units and 44 guide units received from various KVs of Jaipur division for the Prime Minister’s Shield competition were sent to HQ on time .
    • Divisional Conference of Scouters and Guides was organized by District No. 3 Jaipur from 24.06.2023 to 25.06.2023 and 27.06.2023 at Hotel Awana Jaipur. In which 17 officers and total Scout Master 77, Cub Master 78 (155 Scouters) and Guide Captain 66, Flock Leader 78 (144 Guiders) received training.
    • State Level President Certificate Test Camp 2022 was organized in KV No. 6 Jaipur from 03-07-2023 to 07-07-2023 in which a total of 52 Scouts and 41 Guides from Jaipur, a total of 07 Scouts and Guides from Ahmedabad. A total of 09 Scouts and 08 Guides from 07 Guides, Mumbai participated out of which 68 Scouts and 56 Guides were declared successful.
    • BS&G Foundation Day and Flag Day were completed on time. In which funds were collected.
    • The third phase of Cub and Bulbul and Golden Feather was completed on time.
    • For organizing the fourth phase / Hirak Pankh Camp 2023-24 from 23.07.2023 to 25.07.2023, against No. 01 Jaipur (204 cubs and 169 bulbs/District-I), Jhunjhunu (123 cubs and 92 bulbs/District-I) -II), KV No. 01 Kota (87 Cubs and 77 Bulbuls/District-III). In which 414 cubes and 338 bulbs were declared successful.
    • 413 Cubs and 330 Bulbuls registration applications were sent for the Golden Arrow Award. Out of which 408 Kab and 327 Bulbul, total number 735, passed the Golden Arrow Award.
    • State Award Testing Camp for Scouts in KV No. 1 Air Force Jodhpur and Guides in KV No. 2 Air Force Jodhpur was organized from 21.08.2023 to 25.08.2023. Out of which 393 scouts and 271 guides were successful.
    • The first step testing camp was completed on time.
    • The second phase testing camp was completed on time.
    • Third Sopan Testing Camp 2023-24 was organized from 01.09.2023 to 03.09.2023. In which 518 Scouts and 328 Guides participated and a total of 846 were successful.
    • International Peace Day was completed on time and the report was presented.
    • From 06.10.2023 to 13.10.2023. V . In Chittorgarh, in the basic course, Scout Master – 53 and Cub Master – 45 and in the advanced course, Scout Master – 80 and Cub Master – 62, Guide Captain – 18 and Flock Leader – 25 were given training.
    • Shri Nasir Khan K. V. No. 2 Kota received LT (Scout) training from Jaipur Division at IAS National Training Institute, Pachmarhi (M.P.).
    • From 09.01.2023 to 15.01.2024, Shri Ramniwas Mali K V Bandarsindri, Shri Mahendra Beniwal K from Jaipur Division at IASGA National Training Institute, Pachmarhi (M.P.). V. No. 2 Jaipur and Shri Jitender Singh V. No. 2 Army Jodhpur and Shri Abdul Raees. V . Bandra received ALT (Scout) training.
    • On 22.02.2024, World Thinking Day and Kab-Bulbul Utsav were organized at the school level.