NEP Initiatives

    Foundational Literacy and Numeracy

    As per the NEP 2020, to promote holistic growth of students, a new age approach was undertaken by KVS RO Jaipur to achieve FLN targets in the KVS RO Jaipur. Under the aegis of this initiative various activities was undertaken by the schools, which are as follows:

    1. The schools followed the schedule floated by KVS RO Jaipur stringently and proactively assessed FLN levels of all the students via monthly assessments, dictations, providing weekly worksheets and improving reading comprehension by using unseen passages. As a result, the vocabulary, numeracy skills and comprehension skills of students have improved significantly. The school has received strikingly positive remarks from the parents and students.
    2. An emphasis was given on Phonic-based pedagogy, which makes it easier for students to grasp new words.
    3. The special educator of school was also proactively involved to identify learning difficulties of various students, and to work accordingly so that no child is left behind, and trying to make sure that all students, in their own unique way, are learning at the same pace.


    BALVATIKA 3 has been opened various schools in RO Jaipur for the students of age between 5-6 years from academic year 2023-24. It comprises of a room with smart TV which is used to visually simulate a child’s mind, the class is filled with various colours and the environment is made welcoming so that all students feel joy while coming to the school every day. The BALVATIKA was made in consultation with all the stakeholders including the chairman of VMC, parents and teachers. Two staff members are engaged to cater the educational needs of the students. The education imparted in this is play based and is designed that students learn by experience and hands on learning. Students are taught via various stories and rhymes, and are made to participate in various cultural events under CCA. All of the students are regularly assessed, and reports of the same are shared with the parents regularly so that they are a part of the learning journey of young minds.

    Toy-Based Pedagogy

    Primary teachers in schools of RO Jaipur are trained to incorporate energized activities and toy-based pedagogy into their teaching methods. The teachers at our Vidyalayas have combined an interactive, play-based learning strategy with teaching methods to make learning enjoyable and effortless for the kids. Teaching strategies include narrating stories, singing rhymes, and helping young students gain conceptual knowledge. For instance, Ludo was utilized to teach addition and subtraction concepts; puppet shows were used to help students grasp stories; and geoboards were used to help students develop spatial understanding

    Sign language

    To fulfil the objectives of NEP 2020  Vidyalayas of our Region has taken the initiative to teach sign language to all of the students.

    1. Students were given lessons to sing the National Anthem using sign language.
    2. Knowledge of Hindi and English alphabet in sign language was also taught to students.

    This will raise awareness of their requirements and assist the students in communicating with peers who have speech and hearing difficulties.

    BaLA Project:

    The Vidyalayas of KVS RO Jaipur has also took steps to implement BaLA project in their school premises to use visual and resources in fun leaning and helping in creative conducive environment for students. The classroom of Balvatika was enriched with the print rich contents. The building premises were used to aware student about POSCO Act and to motivate them to achieve great heights in their own way.

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