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    1 Science Exemplar View Link
    2 Mathematics Exemplar View Link
    3 History Study Material View Link
    4 Physics Question Bank View Link
    5 Physics Final Capsule 30 View Link
    6 Physics Question Bank View Link
    7 Economics Sample Question Paper View Link
    8 Economics Study Material View Link
    9 Business studies Study Material (2022-2023) View Link
    10 Accountancy Study Material (2022-23) View Link
    11 Physics Exemplar Problem View Link
    12 Mathematics Exemplar Problem View Link
    13 Competency Focused Practice Questions_SST10 View Link
    15 Learning Outcomes at Elementary Stage || English View Link
    16 Learning Outcomes at Elementary Stage II Hindi View Link_
    17 India – Unity in Cultural Diversity View Link
    18 Guidelines for parent participation in Home- Based learning during school closure and beyond View Link
    19 Alternatives to Homework for Classes VI to VIII View Link
    20 National Education Policy 2020 View Link
    22 Pedagogical Leadership: A Handbook for Leading Learning in Schools View Link
    23 Art Integration – Towards Experiential Learning View link
    24 Question Bank of Math & Science for classes III-IX. View Link
    25 CCT Practice Items in Reading Literacy, Mathematical Literacy & Scientific Literacy: View Link
    26 Innovation doesn’t stop you to work in this pandemic – Kendriya Vidyalaya AFS BAKSHI KA TALAB – Flip book version of e-magazine. View Link
    27 Kendriya Vidyalaya AFS BAKSHI KA TALAB – Video Animation Version of Vatsaly. View Link
    28 CCT Practice Items – Scientific Literacy – Classes VII-X. View Link
    29 CCT Practice Items – Reading Literacy. View Link
    30 CCT Practice Items – Mathematical Literacy – Classes VII-X. View Link
    31 MCQ tests/quiz-click E-learning on ZIET Chandigarh website for link given to google quiz. View Link
    32 Digital learning content-Go to ZIET library blog which is available on ZIET Chandigarh website at footer bar(ZIET library). View Link
    33 Compiled table of links for class XII-Phy, Chem, Maths, Bio-ZIET Chandigarh website-click knowledge portal. View Link
    34 Activities/experiments – Go to ZIET Chandigarh library blog in menu tab-activities-science and maths for classes VI to XII. View Link
    35 Student Support Material for year 2019-20. View Link