Gender Sensitization

    1. Genderless Society:- Schools are the backbone of any society. They are the institutions that shape the minds of the young and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in life. KVS RO Jaipur prioritizes gender sensitivity, the Vidyalayas are also creating a more positive and supportive environment for all students.Special events and information related to genderless society are shared with students in school assembly.
    2. Seating Arrangement of Classes:-The seating arrangement of all the classes of the schools of KVS RO Jaipur from Balvatikas to Class XI has been made irrespective of gender.
    3. Adolescence Education:- In Adolescence Education workshops we discussed what kind of behavior promotes gender inequality, asked everybody to introspect their actions, because gender bias leads to a performance loss, absenteeism and stagnant growth of Students. Gender sensitization means representation and acceptance of a person without being overshadowed by their gender. Gender sensitivity leads to voices being heard, which promotes holistic growth of every student and the organization.

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